Agm Battery Meter - Auto Meter Bex-1500 Battery Extender Maintain 12v Trickle Charger Gel Cell Agm

$ 49

Features Battery extenders keep your battery at full charge on a continuous basis. Batteries not kept at full charge become sulfated. Maintain stored batteries at full charge to maximize battery life. Compatible with all Lead Acid Batteries: Standard (Flooded), AGM, and Gel Cell Parasitic drain protection Fully automatic “smart” charging with advanced circuitry enables energy efficient and safe charging via Auto Meter’s advanced software and digital circuitry Charging Modes The BEX series chargers are fully equipped with sophisticated circuitry that will safely charge and maintain batteries without overcharging. Charging lights will tell you what stage of charge your battery is currently taking. Indicator Lights AMBER (Desulfation) - The battery extender is in desulfation mode RED (Charging) - The battery extender is charging the battery GREEN (Maintain) - The battery extender is safely maintaining your battery at full charge. Your battery is ready to go when you need it. Ruggedized and Water Resistant BEX series battery extenders are purpose built to resist water. Simply bring the charger to the source without removing your battery and connect the leads. Safe Operation Spark Free Connection and Reverse Polarity Protection. Charge current: BEX 1500 1.5 A The Bex series chargers are versatile battery chargers with a compact ruggedized composite shell that makes them safe to set and forget on all of your household vehicles. Perfect for any motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, car, truck, RV, and lawn mower Lead Assembly 2 sets of leads - Clamps and ring terminals Misc. 3 year warranty CEC and UL1236 CompliantIf you are having issues with EbayPaypal or product questions, please feel free to call us at . We’ve been in business for over nine years and are committed to providing excellent products with exceptional service. If you have any questions or problems, we are more than happy to address your concerns.

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